The story of me…

The story of me…

This story was happen to me 3 years ago. Within this period, I am facing many difficulties.

To complete my study as a Master’s Holder is not an easy task. Many things I have to go through to get a scroll and Master’s Certificate. To be a student with limited sources of money and low salary worker, it makes it more difficult for me to struggle in my life.

I am a low salary worker at one of the budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I am working day and night to get more money and on weekend, I spent my time to teach as a tuition teacher nearby my house. I need money to pay my monthly car installment RM500, to pay my monthly rental house RM250, to pay my study fee for every 3 month, RM2k. I am also even do not have enough money to pay for the car fuel.

One day, my car is having a problem and need to be overhauled and the cost to repair my car is about RM2.5k. What should I do? During that time, I have to pay my study fee and what about my house rental and car installment? I decided to hold my house rental and car installment for that month.

The month after that, my car is again having a problem. So, I spent all of my salary for that. On that month also, I have to hold again my house rental and car installment. I am so depressed because one day, my car was towed by bank because of 2 months already I did not pay the installment.

So difficult my life is. Many debts I have to pay and I am really down. During that time, I tried to borrow some money from my good friends but unfortunately, everybody does not try to help me because maybe they don’t believe that I shall pay it back. Oh, I am so frustrated of having such friends. Lucky, I have 2 more friends of mine that helped me and lent me some money. So I can pay half of my debts.

For the next month, I also borrowed some money from my brother to pay my study fee. And I need to pay him back for every month. My parent do not know anything about my difficulties because they were living quit far from me and I am also do not want to burden my parent regarding my problems that I faced.

So can you imagine how much money I have to spend every month for about 3 years?

It’s not easy to success in life… and not everybody was born lucky. Nobody can help us except our spirits and self-motivation…



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