THE EDUCATED UNEDUCATED: High in education, Low in virtue

05 June 2012

Author: Dr Elizabeth Jaya Joseph, Universiti Selangor, Shah Alam, Selangor

THE oxymoron, a self-contradictory proposition, used in the heading of A. Kathirasen’s column, “Rise of the educated uneducated” (NST, May 31), though semantically incompatible, is in hindsight apt and accurate.

Who would have expected the rise of a group of educated people who behave as if it has  not received an   education.

This group of so-called educated people, who lack road manners, table manners and all manner of decent, rational behaviour,  is slowly dominating the   political, economic and social scenes.

Virtues such as civility, decency, courtesy and chivalry once held close to one’s heart are fast disappearing and instead, uncouthness, selfishness and outrageousness are the order of the day. These  things  were unseen and unheard of in the past.

I, too, am wondering if our education system has failed us.

Perhaps our educational philosophy, which takes into consideration the all-round development of  students in the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual domains, is  derailed and starting to make us eat humble pie.

There could be umpteen reasons and speculations for the rise of this “educated uneducated” phenomenon but my reasoning is that we have to backtrack to the roots or essence of education, re-examine our philosophy of education and ask ourselves why there are people subscribing to physical incompetency, intellectual lunacy, emotional impotency and spiritual bankruptcy.

Someone once said that when our secret intentions are righteous, our outer conduct will be righteous.

For that to happen, everyone involved in educating children have to plant the right seeds in the inner core and nurture them well to see fruitful results.

When we are  awakened and filled with love, which is an energy of incredible power and strength, we will behave rationally at all times.

Then, we will be proud to say that we are truly educated, that we are physical machismo, intellectual maestros, emotional masters and spiritual millionaires.



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